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Giggle inducing title of a new press release from the ever-clueless Todd Akin (R-2nd): “Congressman Akin Condemns Democrats Refusal to Govern.” Pretty rich coming from a charter member of the Party of No, No way, Never, Unh-uh.

What Akin is talking about is the House leadership’s decision not to pass a budget blueprint this year.  According to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer:

It isn’t possible to debate and pass a realistic, long-term budget until we’ve considered the bipartisan commission’s deficit-reduction plan, which is expected in December …


The House will put forth a “budget enforcement resolution” rather than a budget blueprint that looks beyond next year and calculates five or 10 years’ worth of deficit figures.

The House’s “enforcement” – or deeming – resolution will endorse the goals of the president’s fiscal commission and reiterate the commitment to vote on its recommendations after the midterm elections. And it will also set limits on discretionary spending “that require further cuts below the president’s budget, …

Not too unreasonable given all the deficit Sturm und Drang Republicans are drumming up and the resulting stampede of ConservaDems. It certainly doesn’t sound like refusing to govern. That’s what occurs when all members of a political party move in lock-step, for purely political reasons, to obstruct vital legislation and hold-up even minor government appointments – and we all know who’s been doing just these things, Rep. Akin.

Actually, insofar as Hoyer seems to be taking a rational approach to the issue of deficits, it might even be heartening news. Hoyer, unlike Missouri’s would be deficit mavin, Claire McCaskill, seems to be able to distinguish between short-term, stimulus related spending and long-term, structural budget deficits, cautioning against  “overreacting to short-term deficits while we’re still feeling the effects of recession.”

All well and good, I say – taken at face value, it sounds like responsible leaders taking into account the circumstances on the ground, and at the very least, it’s no big deal. But, of course, Rep. Akin doesn’t see it that way:

This decision sends a clear message to American families that Democrats in Washington still don’t understand the seriousness of our fiscal crisis and they still view working Americans as the ‘cash cow’ to fund their excesses.

What excesses? Massive tax cuts for the wealthy? Invading Iraq on trumped up reasons? Giveaways to the energy, banking, you-name-it industry? But wait – didn’t that happen while Akin and his pals were running the show?  

Maybe Republicans in Washington just like to throw temper tantrums to pass the time – it must get pretty boring doing pretty much nothing that really amounts to anything. To bad they’re doing it on our dime.