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One could say that college sports fandom is better when you don’t take it totally seriously. Which i’d imagine is the reason for this pretty-accurate statement out of Jay Nixon:

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon says the Big 12 will be a stronger basketball conference without Colorado and Nebraska.

Nixon on Tuesday called the departing universities “the two weakest basketball programs” in the Big 12.

To which the good humor man Peter Kinder replied: “Truly unbelievable” / “Real classy! Makes u proud!” (this coming from a guy who uses a hash tag with his initials on Twitter, but anyways)

Sure, college sports is more about diving for dollars than whatever altruistic purpose that they were founded for back in the 19th century. But there’s better things to do on a hot summer day than express disbelief at someone bashing Nebraska & Colorado’s basketball teams.

And, besides, it’s college sports smack. Not a serious policy statement. Lighten up, PDK. We know you’re running in 2012.