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Laura Flanders often appears on the MSNBC political shows and is a voice of calm and reason juxtaposed to the manic guests from the rightwing.   True to form, Laura is able to step back and see the opprobrium being heaped upon Helen Thomas from a larger perspective.  The only thing I disagree with in her column is the first part of the title.  

Helen Thomas has as much right as anyone to state her personal opinion. If she is outraged over the blockade of Gaza, I agree with her.  If she is furious over the way the media was manipulated into repeating the disinformation coming out of Israel after the attack on peace activists on the high seas, I agree with her.

Glenn Greenwald of Salon meticulously reports what eyewitnesses are saying really happened during that attack.  

I don’t know of any other country that can keep 1.5 million people imprisoned and half starved and still come across as the “victim.”  If anyone criticizes Israeli policies (including Jews within Israel,) they are bombarded with outrageous accusations of anti-semitism.  One person who commented on Flanders’ article mentioned that the Palestinians are also “semites,” so that whole argument is bogus.  

I don’t care what the White House says, I’ll always be a Helen Thomas fan.  She had the moxie to ask tough questions when the rest of the press corps slobbered all over George Bush.  She’s one tough broad, and I don’t think she needed to apologize for giving her opinion when ambushed by someone with a video camera.