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To recap what we know about the unscrupulous behavior of Ed Martin and the tea party: Martin was one of the original members of the St. Louis Tea Party, speaking at their original rally on the arch over a year ago.  Since that time, he’s spoken at numerous tea party functions.  His campaign workers participated in beating, throwing shoes at, and burning a photo of Congressman Carnahan at a tea party rally.  The next day, Martin’s friends in the tea party carried a coffin to Carnahan’s personal residence (one of the people who did that, Martin’s friend and tea party founder Bill Hennessy, later said that going to someone’s personal residence is “terrorism”).  Now Ed Martin is sending the ethically challenged Adam Sharp to scream insults at Carnahan whenever he attends public events.  Yesterday, this bizarre stalking reached a new low, with Sharp and Martin videotaping Carnahan at a celebrity softball game and reporting on whether or not Carnahan took off his shirt:

Here’s the idiotic video they came up with:

From stalking Carnahan’s personal residence, to attacking effigies of the Congressman, to now being obsessed with whether he has a shirt on or not, this invasion of Congressman Carnahan’s personal life has crossed way beyond the line of acceptable behavior.  It’s one thing to send a tracker to see if a candidate makes gaffs during public talks, but Martin and his goons’ actions are not designed to get Carnahan’s opinions on issues: they are designed exclusively to attempt to intimidate and harass him everywhere he goes.

Now, after I last reported on Sharp screaming insults at Carnahan on Delmar, people asked me how I could be sure he was in cahoots with Ed Martin.  After this latest incident, the relationship is no longer in doubt.  Martin started tweeting about the game at 1:10 PM on Saturday, June 5th.  

He then referred to the videotape and Carnahan’s shirt being off at 9:14 PM on Saturday.  

But here’s the thing; the youtube video wasn’t uploaded until Sunday, June 6th:

Similarly, Adam Sharp didn’t tweet, blog, or facebook status update the issue until Sunday either:

So Ed Martin was reviewing the video before it was ever put online.  In other words, he is directly coordinating Adam Sharp’s stalking campaign of Russ Carnahan.  If Ed Martin would like to debate the issues with Russ Carnahan, he’s welcome to.  But sending goons to do nothing more than harass and intimidate a U.S. Representative is despicable behavior for any person, let alone a candidate for Congress.