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Robin Carnahan‘s (D) senate campaign has been quite adept at and persistent in painting Roy Blunt (r – lobbyists) with his big oil contributions:

….From easing restrictions on exploration, to allowing billions in government giveaways, Congressman Blunt has established himself as a friend of Big Oil and they have paid him back handsomely with campaign contributions. In fact, Congressman Blunt is an all-time top ten recipient of BP contributions in the House of Representatives.  And this cycle, Congressman Blunt ranks 2nd in the entire House of Representatives when it comes to oil and gas contributions….

….”The facts are undeniable – Congressman Blunt has a 14-year Washington record of looking out for Big Oil,” said campaign spokesman Linden Zakula. “Congressman Blunt pushed for the Wall Street bailout so there’s every reason to believe he’ll try to bail out Big Oil too.  Congressman Blunt wants to argue details to mask his support for policies that would not guarantee taxpayers aren’t left to pay for Big Oil’s mess.”

And another video:

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Pardon the pun, but that’s (a) slick.