You gotta love this!

So I surf over to the Kansas City Star website, catching up on the local news and the arrest of the Waldo rapist – he has been scaring the hell out of a neighborhood where more than a few of my friends and friends of my children live for months on end.

So anyway, on one of my trips back to the homepage, I see an add telling me to tell Claire McCaskill that “a vote for amnesty is a vote against Missourians” and there are two buttons to click. Ones says “I like amnesty” and the other one says “Stop the amnesty.”


So I clicked “I like Amnesty” – just for giggles and to see what the rest of the people who clicked on it thought.

Apparently, Kansas City is a “sanctuary city” or something, at least attitudinally.


Can I just say one more time – I love this city. I really, really do.