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From time to time someone will reply to a post via Twitter and I don’t catch that reply right away. Sure enough, this evening I was checking for replies and, lo and behold, look what I found, from Representative Mark Parkinson (r):

@MBersin do you honestly think Rep. Hoskins has it in his budget to hire a tracker? If so, you are an idiot.     8:36 PM Mar 31st  via Tweetie  from Jefferson, MO   in reply to MBersin

“…If so, you are an idiot…” Heh. That wasn’t very nice. But, that’s okay, it’s still really nice to know that Representative Parkinson (r) reads Show Me Progress.

Well, there was a tracker. That’s indisputable. But Representative Parkinson (r) may have a point about that budget stuff since Representative Hoskins (r – noun, verb, CPA) couldn’t even pay his taxes on time.

Unless he thinks someone else hired the tracker:

…A common, but perhaps unfortunate fact in politics today is that political parties use videographers, or “trackers,” to record the political activities of candidates for offices…

Well, okay, but if trackers are “icky” and republican don’t use them, the question remains:

…With this tracker stuff out in front of the public does that mean we won’t be seeing any darkly lit shaky videos or grainy photographs along with shock headlines and disturbing music in cable television commercials in the 121st District before the November election? Just asking.

Update: Heh. Representative Parkinson (r) posted via Twitter:

@MBersin (d-noun, cellist-verb) smp is read to track the negative mentions of R’s. The R with the most wins (it means we are effective).     about 6 hours ago  via web  in reply to MBersin

Ah, I get it. There’s a tie for first place in the mention department and someone will take the lead if they post more on Twitter.

As for being effective? That claim is debatable.


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