Resurrecting an idea that we blatantly stole from Blue Hampshire during the presidential primary season and adapted for the Missouri Attorney General’s race in 2008, we’re going to start asking direct questions to the 5 candidates running in the Democratic primary for the 14th Senate District. The five candidates are former State Rep. Esther Haywood (D-71), current State Reps. Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D-72), Don Calloway (D-71), and Ted Hoskins (D-80), and current University City Mayor Joe Adams.

The ground rules: Each week the candidates will be sent the same question simultaneously. The question will not be some gotcha questions, but rather questions designed to illuminate our dear readers about races around the state as well as constituents about their prospective senators. After 24 hours have passed, we will post the (brief) answers in the order received.

The 14th Senate District is currently represented by term-limited Senator Rita Days. It stretches from its border on the St. Louis City limits through University City in the southeast through Bridgeton in the northwest.

We’d like to do a few more of these through the primary season, so if you have any primary races elsewhere in the state you’d like to see examined in more depth, let us know.