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I get the Kansas City Star in the morning.  It has a great April Fool’s Day story on its front page.

It begins innocently enough.

JEFFERSON CITY | It’s been a quiet week in Jefferson City.

Legislators writing laws. Debating the budget.

Training with handguns.

Obviously, with the huge budget problem before them, this is clearly a joke.  

More evidence after the fold.

Here is the clincher.

On the same day of the lawmakers’ firearms class, the House gave first-round approval to a bill that would expressly allow legislators, their aides and employees to carry concealed weapons in the statehouse.

“If you stay up with your news and what’s going on in the world, you know bad things happen all over the place,” said Rep. Jeanie Riddle, a Mokane Republican who sponsored the amendment that added the Capitol language. “It would be nice for us to not be a statistic.”

I like the use of a real name of a representative. However, the key that this must be an April Fool’s joke is the line “if you stay up with the news and what’s going on in the world.”  

I like to think I do and I can’t think of a single story about someone entry a state legislature with a gun and killing people.

We saw the Tea Partiers yelling at members of Congress and spitting on Cleaver, but being armed would not have stopped that.  

The last line really show what a joke this story is.

In the class’ final meeting later this month, participants must demonstrate their marksmanship. To pass, they must hit a target with at least 15 of 20 rounds from 7 yards away.

A person is going to feel safe with a pass being 75% accurate on a target that is 21 feet away?!?!

The Star put up a really good April Fool’s story today. It gave me a good laugh.