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Representative Jo Ann Emerson (r) is comfortable looking after Washington special interests, eh?:

Republicans rally Tea Party activists to oppose the health-care legislation

By Perry Bacon Jr.

Washington Post Staff Writer

Sunday, March 21, 2010; 7:01 PM

Congressional Republicans rallied Tea Party activists to oppose the health-care legislation on the verge of being approved by Congress…

…As a group of several hundred protesters on the lawn of the Capitol shouted “No! No! No!” “Nancy, you will burn in hell for this!” and “Kill the bill!” rank-and-file Republican lawmakers came out to the balcony off the House floor in the midst of a series of procedural votes. Two different trios of GOP lawmakers, including Rep. Tom Latham (Iowa) and Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (Mo.), waved signs with the words “Kill” “The” and “Bill” as the crowd cheered….

[emphasis added]

Those same teabaggers?

As Tommy Sowers, the Democratic Party candidate in the 8th Congressional District has pointed out, “Our district has over 22% uninsured.” You’d think the incumbent republican would care about that, wouldn’t you? Unless they had friends elsewhere.

As we were putting together this post we received the following statement from Tommy Sowers’ campaign:

Sowers demands Jo Ann Emerson apologize for encouraging hateful protest

Yesterday, Congresswoman Emerson was involved in encouraging protesters at the Capitol.  Instead of contributing to the debate, she offended her office and the people she claims to represent. This supposed moderate chose to incite the same voices that used racial slurs and spat on lawmakers (including Emanuel Cleaver, a fellow member of the Missouri delegation) on the steps of the Capitol.

Sowers said, “I call on Congresswoman Emerson to issue a formal apology for inciting these protests.  As an 11-year veteran, I defended the Constitution and the right to protest, but lending support to a group that has spit on and called lawmakers racial slurs is beyond defense.  This may make sense to a DC politician trying to grab headlines and score political points.  But this is not the kind of representation that the Founders intended, nor what the people of Missouri and America expect.”

Shortly after Emerson’s protest, Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen told reporters: “I think it is bad taste for people to go and encourage them. I can see this crowd getting out of control and they are being encouraged.”

The Sowers campaign couldn’t agree more.  Congresswoman Emerson must immediately apologize and disavow association with protestors that use hate and racial slurs.