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Filing season began with a bit of an enigma – what would Rachel Storch do? She didn’t file for re-election in her district or signal her intentions in any way. Instead, Amy Hilgemann, wife of the previous state representative, filed for the primary. (Full disclosure: I live in the 64th and serve on my ward organization’s executive board with both Amy and Bob Hilgemann.)

I assumed that this meant for sure that either Hilgemann had a big dispute with Storch, or that she had a clear idea of what Storch’s immediate plans were, but when I asked Hilgemann, she had no clue what Storch was going to do. Nobody else I talked to knew, either.

Fast forward to yesterday, when former 28th Ward Alderman Dan McGuire filed in the late afternoon. He can raise money and has a lot of connections, including an inside track to the 28th Ward Democratic Club endorsement, which would be nice to have considering that the 28th is the highest turnout ward in the district.

And today, Susan Carlson jumped into the race. She’s a fellow member of the Women’s Political Caucus, so I wonder if she might be getting the nod from Storch herself, and I should stress that this last bit is pure conjecture on my part.

Lastly, now that multiple candidates have jumped into the race, I wonder if we might see another candidate join the fray simply because there’s no overwhelming favorite right now.

As for Storch, her intentions still remain murky. She might challenge Joe Keaveny in the 4th Senatorial District after losing in the committee selection process last fall, or she might bide her time and hope to be appointed to Secretary of State if Robin Carnahan is successful in her US Senate bid. Or she might find other another career and life path. If she’s challenging Keaveny, we’ll find out by end of day on March 30th.