Via HuffPo’s Ryan Grim, even Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) supports passing the public option through reconciliation:

Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) became the 41st senator to say that he would back the public insurance option as part of a health care bill moved through reconciliation.

Nelson, asked by HuffPost if he would vote for a public option on the Senate floor, was unequivocal. “Yes,” he said firmly. “I’ve already voted for it in the committee, in the Finance Committee.”

The running tally is being kept by one of the organizations pushing for the public option, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

Forty-one puts Democrats just nine votes short. The number of senators who have publicly committed to the option is striking because the momentum has come without any organized effort by Senate leadership or from the White House.

So where’s Claire McCaskill on this? She supports the public option, and she supports making sure that the bill is deficit neutral, which adding the public option can only help with.