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The stenographer weighs in on the open seat race in Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District (Johnson County) in today’s Kansas City Star. The rumor reported by the Star is that Stephene Moore, the spouse of retiring Congressman Dennis Moore, is considering a run. Consider the following two statements in the article:

…Democrats view the always-on-the-move nurse and community activist as sharp and pleasingly energetic…

[emphasis added]

…Doubters are surfacing. One of them showed up at a talk I gave last week on the Plaza.

“What has she done besides being a congressman’s wife?” one man asked with obvious disdain…

Uh, that question was clearly answered earlier in the article. Yes, it was a direct quote from an unnnamed “doubter,” but really, shouldn’t the Star’s political stenographer expend a little less ink on repeating baseless cliches about women?