The not so mighty Quinn via Twitter:

Desiree Rogers resigned as White House Social secretary this week when she realized her job was not SOCIAL secretary but social SECRETARY.    about 24 hours ago   via web  

The other villagers chime in:

Transcript: “This Week” with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and George Will, Sam Donaldson, Paul Krugman and Cokie Roberts. Feb. 28, 2010

….VARGAS: And then, of course, this weekend, we have a brand-new White House social secretary appointed to replace Desiree Rogers, a close friend of the Obamas who is exiting after a bumpy tenure, I would say. Cokie, you spoke with her. She — she was highly criticized after the Obamas’ first state dinner in which she arrived, looking absolutely gorgeous, but in what some people later said was far too fancy a dress, but most importantly, that was the state dinner that was crashed by the Salahis, who walked in without an invitation when the social secretary’s office didn’t have people manning the security sites….


….KRUGMAN: Can I say that 20 million Americans unemployed, the fact that we’re worrying about the status of the White House social secretary…

VARGAS: It’s our light way to end, Paul.

DONALDSON: Paul, welcome to Washington….

The incomparable Digby on Sally Quinn’s self-righteous indignation:

…If only she still had a newspaper column, she could have written yet another in her series about uppity upstarts from “somewhere else” whom she ran out of town, their tails between their legs. Now she’ll have to content herself with tweeting into the ether or writing a post for her blog “On Faith” which requires her to desperately try to tie her nasty little back biting into God’s work. It’s tough…

Sally Quinn’s a blogger? Crap. Now the rest of us are gonna have to vacate blogtopia (y, sctp!) and find a respectable line of work.