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To follow up on Blue Girl’s excellent post from yesterday, there’s a reason the Missouri GOP is totally freaking out about the Vote Vets ad: it’s true and it’s convincing.

To recap, Roy Blunt has taken thousands of dollars in contributions from oil companies in his career, dollars that made sure that Roy Blunt and his allies stayed in office to block any clean energy legislation that led the US away from our deep dependence on oil. This same dependence on oil sends trillions of dollars to dictatorships in the Middle East, a portion of which funds terrorists. The Vote Vets ad simply points this out.

Now the Missouri Republican Party is crying foul on tactics that they were only happy to use yesteryear. They are sending out robocalls around the state attacking liberal allies of Robin Carnahan for making the ad. Roy’s son Matt (one of the worst governors the state has ever had) has been saying that because he was in the Navy, the ad should be considered out of bounds. And I imagine they are only just getting started cranking up the Mighty Wurlitzer.

The one thing I don’t hear from Missouri Republicans is whether the ad is true or not, because they can’t. It’s absolutely, indisputably true that Roy Blunt takes a ton of cash from big oil companies. It’s absolutely true that Roy Blunt personally espouses an energy policy that keeps us dependent on oil, and that will keep us sending money to the same countries where that oil money is funneled into the hands of terrorists. And it’s absolutely true that his voting record reflects that.

Somehow this is out of bounds to bring up, because it’s mean or something. Sorry if the truth hurts, Roy.