We expect restraint and wisdom from our leaders, right? We expect them to be thoughtful and honest in their utterances. We certainly don’t expect good leaders to demagogue – do we? This question inspired me to take a look at how our Missouri Republicans in congress have handled themselves as they have adjusted to their new minority status.

A good way to do this seemed to be to look at their rhetoric over the past year, since they have almost no actual collective achievements to speak of. So I visited the Webpages of Todd Akin, Blaine Luetkemeyer,  Roy Blunt, Sam Graves, Jo Ann Emerson and Kit Bond in order to take a look at their news releases and public statements.

And what did I find? A certain repetitive quality that, distilled, amounts to the following set phrases that, in one or another form, are used to describe every Democratic policy initiative:

…tremendous tax hikes and job losses … government take over  … government controlled … socialization [i.e. socialism] … liberal plan being shoved down our throats … job-killing new taxes on the middle class. … ever deeper control by a huge new government bureaucracy … left-wing agenda …  bloated government … unnecessary complexity … [fill in the blank] pages …. czar … czars

… yada, yada, yada.  And of course, when it comes to foreign policy initiatives or efforts to clean up the Bush mess we get some variation on “Americans will be killed” or “Americans are sooooooo humiliated.”

Not a surprise, but thoughtful? Are you kidding? This stuff was stale 60 years ago.  

Sincere?  Just consider the fact that the screeds filled with breathless dismay about Democrats raising taxes were almost always sandwiched in between press releases bragging about the fresh pork our Republican guys and gals delivered.

Honest? Perhaps the partisan consultants who focus group the ideas and the words used to express them are putting in an honest days work, but otherwise the distortions and misstatements are palpable.

Resonant? Sure … to those who like their ideas simple and their paranoia raw.

In short, it looks like Republicans are sticking with the revealed truth according to the Bush/Cheney political apparatus gospel. Scare folks and lie yourself silly and hope that the dimmest of the angry masses who got the shaft during the Bush years will continue to gang up to support the pols with the most truculent rhetoric. This little video says it all: