Here are the FDL Action health care reform highlights for Thurssday, December 10.

1. Marta Evry says that Rep. Bart Stupak’s New York Times op-ed is not harmless, as Stupak claims, but “would effectively ban reproductive choice services coverage in the exchanges.” According to Evry, “We  can’t let that happen. We just can’t.” Evry urges that everyone join a “One Voice for Choice” phone bank or start one of your own: “It’s easy, it’s fun, and best of all, you will make a difference.”

2. Jane Hamsher reports that Mike Stark of Stark Reports is “back up on the Hill for FDL, covering Congress.”

3. Jane Hamsher points out that Harry Reid claims he has no time for a House-Senate conference, but that he has time to attend a “$1,000 plus per plate fundraiser” this weekend.  Hamsher encourages people to call likely Nevada Democratic voters and let them know what Reid is up to.

4. Jon Walker says that the Senate health care reform deal is actually “less a health care deal, more an agreement on vague parameters for a possible deal.” As Walker notes, “It is always easier to reach agreement on vague ideas,” but as “with all things in this health care reform effort, it will all come down to details, details, and more details.”

5. Jon Walker believes that nobody should be “shocked when the Democratic base doesn’t turn out in 2010.” Walker asks, “Who would want to support a party” in which “a simple temper tantrum by Joe Lieberman, Blanche Lincoln, or Ben Nelson really cause the other roughly 300 elected Democrats in Washington to abandon every promise they made and every principle they claim to stand for?”

6. Jane Hamsher writes about Nancy Pelosi saying “that a bill without a public option is now possible in the House.”  Raul Grijalva, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, apparently isn’t going to be one of those votes, as he told Mike Stark that “what the Senate is doing is effectively emasculating an opportunity to have a public option.”

7. Jon Walker reports that Joe Lieberman, “the biggest champion of the health insurance industry in the Senate, will chair the committee that oversees [the OPM-run] ‘alternative’ to the public option.” Can we say “foxes and henhouses?”

8. With signs that the Senate health care bill might just “ping pong” straight past the House of Representatives without a full conference between the two chambers, a frustrated Jon Walker asks, “Why Don’t We Just Go A Step Further And Abolish The House?”

9. Jane Hamsher asks, “what kind of a platform we should ask Medicare for All candidates to agree upon?” Hamsher adds that “[i]f you’d like to volunteer to lead a search committee in your district for a single payer candidate, you can do it here.”

10. Finally, check out Jane Hamsher on the Ed Show as she  invites Progressives to recruit primary challengers for any “Democratic member of Congress [who] decides to support the corporatist agenda and vote for a health care bill that makes the insurance companies say ‘we won.'”