When Claire was trying to calm the batshit crazies at the Hillsboro town hall last August, she insisted that she wouldn’t support a plan that used government money to fund abortion coverage. Nevertheless, she was one of 54 Democrats who just voted down the Ben Nelson-sponsored Senate version of Stupak. She indicated on Monday her disapproval of any law which blocks abortion coverage even when the procedure is paid for by the patient’s premiums:

“Frankly, I think that goes too far.  I think the majority of the senate will oppose this amendment — and leave the current law in place — no federal money for abortion services.”

Stupak was utterly unconscionable, and I’m still steamed that Ike voted for it. But Senate Stupak is dead, and I’m pleased to know that our too-often-wandering-to-the-right junior senator would have no truck with it.

Claire, here’s a vote we can thank you for. And we do.