We are onto something here and it is worth chasing, but it is getting down to brass tacks. The problem with launching an investigative series like the one Michael and I have been chasing regarding the failure to renew the contract of UCM President Aaron Podolefsky and what it has turned into, is that Show Me Progress simply doesn’t have underwriters, sponsors or the resources for expense accounts.

We do this all out-of-pocket. Between rail tickets (I am in KC, the story is not) and fees for sunshine requests and related expenses; I have pretty much run through the financial resources I had available to invest in this quest for justice, and at this point I simply have to pass the hat to keep going.

I am being very deliberate here and putting my own PayPal button at the end of this post in order to put that extra layer of protection in place for Michael, who is a faculty member at UCM, and we want no misperceptions or misunderstandings that he is in any way financially benefiting from this series. He is not. Quite the opposite, in fact, and he intends to keep it that way.

Now – I have three investigative trips I need to make next week, with your help, at a cost of roughly a hundred bucks apiece. If you think this story matters, anything you can toss into the hat is appreciated.