Oh. My. And I thought Denny Hoskins was having a bad freshman year before the news broke yesterday that he owes over $20,000 in back taxes on properties owned by Hos Properties, LLC, the  rental property business he owns with his brother.

I would imagine it is something of a toss-up which Denny Hoskins regrets more this week…All that yammering he did about being a CPA and how responsible he would be with the taxpayers money, or the slim 122 votes that he won his seat by.

We snagged a screen shot of his website to preserve his touted CPA bona fides

To his credit, he didn’t lie and obfuscate when confronted with the information available in the public record.

Rep. Denny Hoskins admitted to The Daily Star-Journal on Wednesday that he failed to pay more than $16,000 in taxes last year.

Hoskins owed the tax bill for the entire 11 months he has served as a House member, with the debt beginning Dec. 31.

Hoskins – who touted being a certified public accountant and who made working to improve the economy cornerstones of his election campaign last year – blamed the failure to pay taxes last year on the recession. He said Hos Properties LLC, a company owned by Hoskins and his brother, owes the taxes.

“It’s not something my brother and I are proud of, but our rental property business is struggling just like other, many Missouri businesses, and when our tenants are struggling to pay their rent due to the economic recession, we struggle to pay our mortgage payment and property taxes,” Hoskins said.

In addition to owing $16,091 in taxes used to fund local schools and other taxing entities, Hos Properties owes $4,227 in penalties.

Now, beating up on Denny Hoskins is just about my favorite sport outside of World Cup Soccer. I think he’s a moron and an embarrassment and has no damned business in the state legislature. But do I think he would be behind in his taxes if the economy didn’t suck and people were paying their rent?

Honestly, no. I don’t. I feel the same way his opponent does.

The only announced candidate in the race for Hoskins’ seat in the 121st District, Courtney Cole, Warrensburg, said she paid all of her taxes.

“Of course I did,” Cole said. “They can check all they want.”

Cole said she “feels bad for him,” but everyone must pay taxes.

“I feel he’s doing a disservice to our district by not paying his taxes, especially somebody who’s an accountant. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t do what’s expected of all of the citizens within the district,” Cole said.

And they have obviously been trying to collect on monies owed, filing in small claims court to collect on the bad debts their tenants have left them holding. But on the other hand, Warrensburg is a small town, and they got twenty grand in arrears on taxes, so I have to ask…was anyone paying their rent?  

A small claim filed by HOS Properties

in 2009…

…signed by Denny Hoskins.

On yet another hand, he hasn’t let us forget since he announced he was running for the seat, he is a CPA and the code of conduct that he is sworn to mandates he pay all taxes on time, for himself and his clients. And that’s pretty immutable.