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This is the twenty-first post in an ongoing series as we file Missouri Sunshine Law (RSMo 610) requests and investigate the non-renewal of the contract of University of Central Missouri President Aaron Podolefsky. Links to previous coverage are below the fold. BG and MB

Your Friday news dump from the office of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

Yep, that Marvin “Bunky” Wright was appointed to the University of Central Missouri Board of Governors today by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. You know, the same Marvin “Bunky” Wright…

UM associate to retire in December

By Amy Brachmann and Elliot Njus

Published Sept. 14, 2007

Kenneth Hutchinson, the UM system vice president for human resources, said he plans to stay professionally active after he leaves the UM system, but still plans to enjoy retirement…

…UM system General Counsel Bunky Wright, who also works at the UM system office, said he and Hutchinson have been friends since childhood.

“I have the greatest respect for him,” Wright said. “He’s just an outstanding person.”

Hutchinson said that although he hopes to do some professional work at a human resources firm he started, he doesn’t want to do too much…

[emphasis added]

…with the childhood friend who just so happens to have recently received an $80,000 contract for the search for a new president at the University of Central Missouri.

No, this is not a story from The Onion, it’s just the same old way of doing business in the State of Missouri. And no, we haven’t received a copy of the contract per our Missouri Sunshine request. Do you think anyone in the Missouri Attorney General’s office would care about that?

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