Come with me now on a trip back in time. It was in the balmy and glorious month of June, and republicans were really feeling quite heady and on top of the world, for a shrinking minority party. Remember? They were so full of themselves, drunk on obstructionism, and with weeks to go before the teabagging got underway with gusto.  

It was back on June 17 that Roy Blunt harrumphed about the Democratic bills to overhaul our broken healthcare system and promised a republican bill that would just totally kick the Democratic bills asses and take their lunch money, it would be so awesome.  Let’s read what he said in his exact words, shall we?

“I guarantee you we will provide you with a bill that costs less and provides better care for the American people.”

Seriously. He said that. And yet, here we are, 126 Days later, and the republicans have nothing to offer other than “let’s scrap the whole thing and start over.”

Where's the bill, Roy?

So…Where’s the bill, Roy?

You want Missourians to vote for your ass and give you the same free ride on the government tit that the Kitster has been milking for decades, then you gotta put up, son! You want people from Missouri, the Show Me State, the most cynical sumbitches on the planet, to vote for you, you can’t be trying to gull them with empty promises of budgets that turn out to be missing the numbers and health plans that you have no intention of drafting.

Maybe you’ve been in Washington too long but that business ain’t gonna fly outside of Greene County. Not when there’s a Carnahan on the other side of the ballot. And especially not when it’s the Carnahan you had the brilliant notion to run against, the Carnahan who happens to hold the record for the most votes ever cast for any candidate in a statewide race in the history of Missouri. The one who had to clean up your son’s mess in the Secretary of State’s office. (Just wait – the Abramoff tentacles are gonna get him yet.)

And since we aren’t bashful about saying we want her to win and you not just to lose, but get your ass kicked from Sikeston to Maryville, we are going to make a habit of asking you…Where’s the bill, Roy?

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