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I kid you not.

America’s Next Great Pundit

…The ultimate winner will get the opportunity to write a weekly column that may appear in the print and/or online editions of The Washington Post, paid at a rate of $200 per column, for a total of 13 weeks and $2,600. Our Opinions lineup includes a dozen Pulitzer Prize winners, regulars on the national political talk shows and some of the most influential players inside the Beltway. We’ll set our promising pundit on a path to become the next byline in demand, the talking head every show wants to book, the voice that helps the country figure out what’s really going on…

“…the voice that helps the country figure out what’s really going on…” Words fail.

I wonder if Paula Abdul is one of the judges.

…If memory serves, you won, proving that good looks and charm win over brilliance and the ability to govern. And for the record? You are stupid…

Washington Post punditry is the third worst in the Universe. The second worst is that of the Faux News Channel. During a recitation by their Pundit Master Glenn Beck of his screed “Health Care Reform Is A Communist Plot Which Will Kill Your Grandma” four of his audience members died of internal hemorrhaging, and the President of the National Press Club survived by gnawing one of his own legs off. The very worst punditry in the universe was written by the stenographer of Kansas City….