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{First, a cheap plug for my blog Senate Guru.}

The last day of the third fundraising quarter of 2009 (whoa, time really flies!) is tomorrow.  Our Democratic candidates for Senate – including Missouri’s own Robin Carnahan – need to make as big a fundraising splash as possible in the third quarter to help refute the growing conventional wisdom among the traditional media pundits that 2010 could be a Republican year.  And Missouri will be a high-profile bellwether.

Please, please, please consider making a contribution today to Robin Carnahan and our other Democratic candidates for Senate via the Expand the Map! ActBlue page.  Robin is more than three-quarters of the way to $1,000 on the page.

Can you help us raise just $238 for Robin Carnahan in the next 48 hours?

Please click on over to the Expand the Map! ActBlue page and make a contribution to help stop ongoing Republican obstruction in the Senate.  Need some motivation?  Imagine having to say Senator Roy Blunt!  Scary, right?  Every contribution makes a real impact whether it’s $100 or $25 or $10 or, well, any amount.  Want to rebel against multiples of five and contribute $63 or $39 or $27, knock yourself out!

Remember, the fundraising quarter ends tomorrow, so please contribute today if you can.  Thank you SO much!