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According to the News-Leader, Republican committee members nominated Branson-area realtor Nita Jane Ayres by a 10-9 margin to be their nominee in the February 2nd, 2010 special election to replace Dennis Wood in the “Republican for almost 150 years” 62nd district. [Update: Further tweets reveal that Ayres cast the deciding vote for herself.]

Ayres is a resident of Branson West in Stone County. Branson West was known as Linchpin until 1992 when they decided to change their name to Branson West. I am pointing this information out because some may not be aware that there is a Branson West or that Branson is now large enough to have a “Branson-area”

Barring some unforseen intraparty squabble, the nomination of a really good horse veterinarian, or a surge of Democratic popularity in a part of the state that voted for Hulshof and Hubbard, the Republicans will hold this seat and people who wanted to run in 2010 to succeed Wood will find something else to do with their time.

But it should be closer than Mizzou v. Furman.