Since a search of diaries/comments on this blog reveals nothing with “KZGM” in it, I thought I’d post this. A small dedicated group (I wasn’t among them) has finally gotten a full-power community station KZGM – 88.1 FM – a Pacifica affiliate –  on the air, reaching from Rolla (fringe area), south to Thayer, and east from Van Buren to Seymour in the west.

As a new nonprofit, noncommerical all volunteer station in a predominantly conservative area, we truly need the support of progressives not only within our listening area, but from anywhere else in the state or nation. In case you don’t know – getting a noncommercial station on the air is both daunting and expensive. Our general manager continues to put in 12+ hours per day as (unpaid) primary announcer, manager, programmer etc etc, so besides financial contributions, if you live within driving distance of Cabool, we can also use volunteers for station operations, fund raising etc.  All donations go toward utility bills, equipment costs, and program costs.  We are barebones, nobody is paid except the required station engineer (and only per hour as needed)  and the general manager donated our studio space.

I have a fantasy (hopefully a realistic one) that within our listening area – largely rural – there are at least 100 progressive people who can give $200 – or maybe 200 who can give $100 –  to get the station on a firm footing for the first two years.  Of course, any donations in any amount (from anywhere!) are greatly appreciated. We’re in the process of seeking business underwriting but the first year of operations will be critical.  KZ88 provides a much-needed balance to right-wing mindless blather and non-news with Pacifica programs like Democracy Now, Free Speech Radio, Uprising etc, as well as lots of music (folk, bluegrass, local, regional) and local cultural coverage, programs on health and science etc.  Please go to the KZGM website and check it out –

You can email the station at

and information on how to phone the station, donate etc are also on the website.

And please help get the word out if you’re in the KZ88 listening area.  The transmitter is 12,000 watts but in some hollers folks may need a simple directional antenna to help with reception.  We can help with instructions on making one at home.


Butch Kara