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9-11 should not be a political statement for anyone. It should be a sad day of remembrence that many people died because of hatred and incompetence. However, since the very day it occured it has constantly been used as a hammer to pound the agenda of a miguided bunch people with an unenlightened vision of the world down everyone else’s throat.  

Before going any further I think it is important to note that here at Hillbilly Report we simply do not condone the use of the Hillbilly Heroin. It makes you into Rush Limbaugh.

Now, these very people and their “leader” cannot simply commemorate those who died and honor their families, but they must continue trying to use the tragedy to try and score shameless political points like their President that thankfully has since been retired to Texas did in response to the incident.

Just listen to Oxymoron Rush Limbaugh spouting out some more of his mindless drivel for the masses:

What I would like to ask Rush Limbaugh is why would the President not ask that Americans honor the victims of 9-11 by giving service to their communities?? I mean, a whole lot of the people that died on that day and in the aftermath were their giving service to their communities by trying to help others. Men and women of our armed forces that have died in the corresponding wars were there giving service to their nation. Does Rush Limbaugh think that everyone is this nation sits on their fat, lazy butt eating Oxycontin like M&Ms spouting lies about and insulting everyone else?? Of course he cannot understand the concept of a “day of service” because he and the folks that think like him simply do not believe in serving anything but their own selfish interests and failed vision of a pre-enlightened world. The truth of 9-11 is that thankfully in this world there are people who unlike Limbaugh believe in risking themselves for the greater good of their neighbors and country.

And what is the other truth of 9-11 that Limbaugh and his ilk seek to avoid?? The true fact of the matter is that they used 9-11 over and again in the years following it to stifle discussion, silence critics, and steal away generations of Constitutional protections. They shamelessly misled the American people into going to war in the wrong country and wasted thousands more lives and at or over a trillion dollars in national treasure. With Limbaugh as the fattest, ugliest cheerleader to ever don a mini-skirt singing their praises, they made 9-11 a publicity stunt.

And what is yet another truth that Limbaugh refuses to acknowledge?? A Republican Adminstration that is supposed to be “tough on terror” was completely and totally incompetent and that incompetence contributed greatly to the events themselves. When their fearless leader was handed a memo warning of the attacks before the attacks he could not even come off of vacation to WORK and stop them. When they actually occured, he appeared as a deer in the headlights and gazed stupidly into space showing no strength or decisiveness whatsoever.

Then, cheered on all the while by Limbaugh that leader led us into the wrong country to punish the wrong person and settle a personal agenda instead of avenging American victims of the attacks. Now, years later a new leader is still mired in and trying to leave Iraq, while deciding whether to finish the job his predessesor should have long concluding bringing the mastermind of those attacks to justice.

In response to their own incompetence and absent vision, and once again encouraged by Limbaugh, they then preceded to stifle critics by calling them cowards, and traitors and stole generations of Constitutional protections from American citizens to try and cover-up and justify their own shameless and inexcusable incompetence.

Before Limbaugh or any Republican or Democrat for that matter who enabled George W. Bush should remember before critisizing anyone else about their response to 9-11 and how they choose to honor the dead of that event is that another hard truth of this passing of the 9-11 anniversery is that Barack Obama has now kept our country safe longer than George W. Bush.