TPM reports that Claire McCaskill  thinks that “handcuffing” the public option is just what the Doctor ordered — lest it morph “into a comprehensive government plan”:

With friends like this ….

Although she is right about not letting Joe Wilson’s boorish outburst suck up all the oxygen generated by Obama’s speech last night.

UPDATE AND CALL TO ACTION:  Acorn organizer Glen Burleigh aptly expressed the absurdity of McCaskill’s  blithe dismissal of the public option in a email earlier today:

It makes no sense for her to sell out at this late stage in the game.  She already survived the August firestorms, why back down now, after one of the best Presidential speeches, in lord knows how long.

If you agree that after Obama’s call to action McCaskill ought to work even harder for a strong public option, you can let her know by using the Health Care for America Now (HCAN) 1-800 number to contact her office and let her know  how disappointing you find her happy-to-roll-over-for- all-and-sundry attitude:  The number is: 1-877-264-4226.

To paraphrase the first Mayor Daly’s putative admonition, call early and call often (well, not really that often) — and let us know in the comments after you call so that we can help track the response.

Additionally, the ACORN folks have set up a facebook page to make it easier for you to respond to our favorite quisling.

UPDATE 2.  Seems like even President Obama might think McCaskill needs a pep talk, since she was one of the 17 wavering Senate Democrats he called in to the White House for a meeting today.