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Several candidates were vying for Steve Brown’s seat, but the two with the inside track were Stacey Newman, who fought a hard race against Brown last year, and Gina Mitten, whose husband is a committeeman with 34 percent of the vote in his hand. The committee met in Clayton Thursday evening, listened to the candidates speak for five minutes each, and voted.

Rea Kleeman, who had tossed her hat in the ring–and who with her dedicated activism would have made a good rep, by the way–called to tell me that Newman got the nod. She said Stacey’s speech was impressive because she could describe the many political activities she’s devoted herself to in this last decade. Newman stressed her fight to stop the concealed weapons legislation that Republicans rammed down our throats even though voters had spoken against it, as well as her statewide efforts to organize women politically. She is currently the executive director for Harriett’s List. She could show that she knows how to fundraise, and, in fact, she had even lined up some endorsements in the week or so she had at her disposal.

District 73, Clayton and Richmond Heights, is strong Democratic territory, so it’s a safe bet that Newman will win the special election and easily retain the seat.