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Teabaggers made the most of the Carnahan and McCaskill town halls these last two weeks, doing what they do best: bloviating. I agree with Dick Durbin that Democrats shouldn’t give them a stage for their theatrics. Claire thought democracy had its day at her event in Hillsboro? Nah. All that happened was that she proved her skill at handling unruly children.

Now that there are no town halls where the baggers can throw tantrums, they’re suffering some minor setbacks. To wit:

  • [Dana Loesch] made fun of the ACORN petition drive last Friday for its lack of attendance. Hey, Dana? Attendance wasn’t the goal. Signatures on petitions asking for a public option was the goal, and ACORN got 300 of them–which is more than the number of people y’all got, even on a Saturday, for your anti-SEIU protest. The very fact that your provocateurs couldn’t locate a crowd to harass means that, as ACORN organizer Glenn Burleigh said, “our plan pretty much worked like anti-teabagger magic.”
  • Meanwhile, teabagger attempts to beat a dead horse by protesting about Kenneth Gladney’s faux beating was worse than a bust: first, because, except for some media people, attendance was “damn near nil“–and attendance numbers are kinda the point at events like this. But maybe the absence of supporters was a blessing. Best if they’re not on hand to witness the way the NAACP put the organizer in his place:

    But the effort was cut short when the head of the civil rights group showed up at the news conference and said that no one had asked the NAACP to investigate the claims.

    “The St. Louis branch of the NAACP will and does accept and investigate all written complaints filed with us, regardless of the complainant’s ideology,” said Claude Brown Sr., president of the St. Louis City NAACP. “We regret that a group has decided to protest outside our office before contacting us or filing such a complaint.”


    The “rally” was organized by a nine month old group of conservative blacks called Move-On-Up.org, headed by Chris Arps. Blog Saint Louis observes that:

    The Saint Louis NAACP has long had a history of disorganization and organizational strife.  It also just outmanuevered Chris Arps of Move-On Up and Missouri Political News Service.  You almost have to try and be that incompetent.  Perhaps it’s just a natural talent for Arps.

    Adding to it, Arps was there to criticize the NAACP for not acting to take a role in a potential felony situation, while Arps was found guilty of felony non-support of his children.

  • Bill Hennessy, hater of frivolous lawsuits, nevertheless urges his followers to file them against the two companies that withdrew their ads from Glenn Beck for his comment about Obama being a racist:

    I hope no one reading this get into an accident. But if you do have an accident, and if the other party is a Geico or Progressive customer, sue like crazy. Sue for the maximum coverage their insurance allows. You won’t be hurting the other driver-you’ll be hurting Geico. I can’t stand ambulance chaser law suits, but Geico and Progressive need to be financially destroyed.

    [Boldface Hennessy’s]

    Ooh. Geico must be quaking.

    But how are Hennessy henchmen going to file frivolous lawsuits against the other eight companies–Allergan, Ally Bank, Best Buy, Broadview Security, CVS, Re-Bath, Travelocity, and Wal-Mart–that have now withdrawn their ads at Glenn Beck? Will Hennessy urge them to sue Best Buy if they don’t like a DVD they buy there?