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There’s a new kid on the block, St. Louis Pushes Back, that has been doing yeoman’s work investigating the lies of Hennessy, Loesch, Brown, et. al. about Kenneth Gladney, as well as exposing the childish, irrational hatred and contradictory thinking of local teabaggers.

PushBack investigates, for example, an African-American birther named Kevin Jackson, whose blogsite, The Black Sphere, goes after Obama as a black racist, as a Hitler figure, as a terrorist, and as a secret Muslim. Jackson’s site also shows Michelle Obama with hyper masculine features. She and Hillary are, Jackson thinks, secretly male because they are strong women. (The day Jackson posts a similar picture of Dana Loesch, he’ll gain an atom of credibility.)

St. Louis Pushes Back describes the way Bill Hennessey  abhors frivolous lawsuits–except that, in print, Hennessy urges frivolous lawsuits against corporations that pulled their ads off Glenn Beck’s show. In another posting, PushBack takes him to task for claiming the Post lied about Gladney’s lack of medical insurance–and yet PushBack has Hennessy on video asking teabaggers to help with Gladney medical bills. If Gladney has medical insurance, why does he need help? PushBack also nails the teabaggers here, here, and here for their lies of commission and omission about the McCaskill town hall.

Combine the work of St. Louis Pushes Back with coverage from Blog St. Louis and postings at our own Show Me Progress, and you can get the compleat picture of ye olde Mephistophilean liars, the teabaggers.

But I’ve saved the best for last. Another local progressive blog, St.Louis Activist Hub, has two pieces that scrutinize the videos and photos from the Carnahan town hall where the faux Gladney beating happened. The first looks frame by frame at the post fight video and convincingly argues that Gladney was more likely the perpetrator than the victim. The second shows Gladney’s lawyer and employer, David Brown, lying about the buttons he had Gladney selling. By hiding some of the buttons and lying about what had been for sale, he was concealing relevant evidence from the police. As a lawyer, he should know better.

We progressives feel confident linking to teabagger sites because we have the stronger case. If they dare link to our exposes, it’s only because if their irrational lemmings were to visit, they wouldn’t be moved by reason. They would do here what they did to Claire: rant in the face of logic.