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I didn’t know I was a D-Kos Kook. But Gateway Pundit says I am, and who am I to argue?

SPREAD THE WORD: D-Kos Kooks Plan On Crashing McCaskill’s Open Meeting Tomorrow

Nor did I know that I’m violent at meetings. I’ve always thought I was a cupcake, but …

The attendees representing KOS will use the tactics you expect: shouting you down instead of addressing the topic, physical intimidation, parroting of inaccurate and oftentimes outright false talking points. It`ll be similar to what you saw in the video posted showing the protest in Suffolk County, New York.

When you go to the open meeting armed with facts and logic, it`ll be much easier to maintain your composure in spite of the belligerence you`ll encounter. When you keep your video camera rolling as the leftists try to intimidate you, you`ll have a record of how ridiculous the leftists are when confronted with opposition.

Odd. That’s exactly why I’m taking my camcorder, because I’ll be surprised if the wingers don’t misbehave. Perhaps Carl Bearden is also concerned about that, because he’s giving them advice on how to behave:

Here’s sum good advice 4 attendees of 2nite’s meeting w/@clairecmc St Louis Regional Director if left wingers show up http://bit.ly/1oKo0F

His link leads to a posting called “How to ruin a professional agitation group’s day”:

It’s actually not that hard.

  1. Figure out which professional agitation group typically runs faux-populist demonstrations in your area.

  2. Subscribe to their email list and/or website.

  3. DO NOT ENGAGE THEM IN CONVERSATION AND/OR DISCUSSION. You merely want to keep up with what they’re doing.

  4. When they announce a protest, note the time and date.

  5. Contact your local, actual conservative grassroots group.

  6. On the day of the event, swamp them ten to one. (Via Instapundit)

  7. Nicely.

  8. Politely.

  9. Smile a lot.

 10. Bring cameras. Because they’re going to violate 7, 8, & 9 themselves, and you want that recorded.

I couldn’t agree more about 7,8, and 9, Mr. Bearden. And I sincerely hope that the demonstrators who banged on the windows and doors at McCaskill’s office and who yelled so loud that the upstairs tenant in the building shot them the bird will heed your advice. I wouldn’t want me and my camcorder to get trampled by these peace loving folks. I’m just a gray haired little old lady.