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Somehow I don’t see Mayor Slay or Mayor Funkhouser taking this step:

It’s now time to meet the carbon challenge. Our second goal for the next four years is to put L.A. on a path to permanently break our addiction to coal. Coal currently accounts for roughly 40% of the DWP’s power portfolio. Breaking the coal habit is a long term proposition demanding a long-term commitment. It’s going to require investment from ratepayers. Our future depends on pricing power in relation to the environmental cost.

During my first term, we set high standards for green development and we’ve taken action to meet them. Los Angeles will get 20% of its energy from renewable sources by next year. We rolled out the most far reaching green building standards of any big city in America.

And this month, the largest city-owned wind farm will start delivering clean power to L.A.’s families. Moving forward we’re aiming to get 40% of our power from renewable sources by 2020 and go 60% carbon-free by the end of the next decade.

Today, I am directing the CEO of the Department of Water and Power to take every action necessary to reach these goals and eliminate the use of coal by 2020. Meanwhile, we’re going to move beyond the clean air action plan – the most aggressive effort to cut emissions at any port worldwide. We are going to electrify goods movement at our harbor.

I mean, Peabody Energy’s HQ is in Saint Louis. So is Arch Coal’s. They are the number one and number two private coal companies in the entire world.