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“Birthers” are individuals who fervently believe that President Obama was not actually born in the United States and is therefore not eligible to hold his current office. Two rallies were schedule in Missouri today – one in St. Charles County and one in Jefferson City.

Oh brother, you know it had to have been a pathetic event (at the Jefferson City rally) when a newspaper reporter, Tony Messenger of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, writes via a Twitter post:

biggest news at taitz event so far? @firedupmissouri not kicked out about 2 hours ago from mobile web

Our good friends at Fired Up weren’t tossed as threatened!:

I am familiar with your SMEAR Journalism (sic). You are not welcome at either events (sic). If you do show up, we will be forced to call security.

That’s really sad. As much as we admire our friends at Fired Up they can’t even get properly booted from a right wingnut event anymore. Sad, so sad. I digress.

Jo Mannies attended the “close proximity to St. Louis” morning rally:

St. Charles County lawmakers may support inquiry into Obama’s citizenship    

By Jo Mannies, Beacon political reporter  

Posted 3:30 p.m. Wed., July 1 …At Wednesday’s meeting, she held up a large reproduction of Obama’s birth certificate and challenged various items on it. “This is a scandal of the highest proportions,” Taitz said.

She also laid out other related allegations against the president.

Democrats dismiss such accusations

[emphasis added]

Uh, I’ve got news for you Jo Mannies, it’s not Democrats vs. republicans on this, nor is it liberal vs. conservative, it’s sane vs. insane. And while we’re at it, sometimes not all opposing ideas are equal. Sometimes crazy ideas just need to be treated as what they actually are, you know, crazy:

March 2, 2009


…Michael Medved referred to the Birthers as “crazy, nutburger, demagogue, money-hungry, exploitative, irresponsible, filthy conservative imposters” who are “the worst enemy of the conservative movement.” He added, “It makes us look weird. It makes us look crazy. It makes us look demented. It makes us look sick, troubled, and not suitable for civilized company…”

Last time anyone checked Michael Medved was neither a Democrat nor a liberal.

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