Last Friday, grassroots folks affiliated with organizing for America presented Blaine Luetkemeyer’s staff (or at least an office building support person…they closed their office for us…a whole other story) with a petition calling for health care reform including a choice of a Public Option.

This was the response of Gary Marble, Representative Leuktemeyer’s Deputy Director:

“Congressman Luetkemeyer has made his position on health care very clear.  Socialized medicine has failed in every attempt.  The Congressman’s position is in line with the overwhelming majority of the constituents who have contacted our office in opposition to Socialized medicine.”

As you can see, Blaine is way out of touch with the 9th District (and reality). He was presented with nearly 700 petition signatures gathered both on paper and online. If you are from the 9th CD, please add your name to the petition that elicited this bizarre response here:

Every week the new names will be presented to his office.