As Michael Bersin just pointed out, Rep. Cynthia Davis is speaking up in her own defense:

“….My weekly Capitol Report is a way for me to have two-way communications with my constituents and not a national manifesto for you to mock, distort, and to be quoted out of context…”

She’s right, of course, that we mocked it. But whenever a politician gets quoted pretty much in her entirety and still claims that the opposition distorted and took her remarks out of context, I’m reminded of the politicians who resign office to spend more time with their families. Maybe one in a hundred of them really do want to spend more time with their families, but it’s, you know, boilerplate excuse.

Now that I mention it, Davis has a large family. I suppose it would be too much to hope that she’ll want to spend more time with all those children.

But Fort Cynthia is barring the gates because it is besieged now, not just by liberal bloggers, by the old media, and by the TV punditry, but even by her own colleagues.

Democrat Trent Skaggs, Kansas City, sent this e-mail out to all House members and their staff:

I cannot believe the liberal media did this to one of our own members. I am shocked and appalled.


And Republican Rob Schaaf, St. Joseph–et tu?–answered him, writing also to all House members and their staff:

Nah, she can’t be the worst person in the world until she at least has a remonstrance behind her!

Skaggs’ crocodile shock didn’t fool Davis’ legislative assistant for a second. Terra Guittar wrote:

I find your comments regarding Representative Davis distasteful, disrespectful, and extremely unprofessional.  Even under the guise of being “shocked and appalled”.  The fact that you have sent this email to the entire “House Members and Staff” distribution list clearly demonstrates your apparent lack of professional courtesy and behavior for fellow colleagues.

Personal political beliefs aside, the public workplace email system is absolutely no place to make such unprofessional and crude comments regarding anyone.

Indeed. How dare he! Oh. Wait. She’s using the entire “House Members and Staff” distribution list

and the public workplace e-mail system to carry on the argument.