Star Trek “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” (1969):

…Bele: You’ve combed the galaxy and all you’ve come up with is mono-colored trash, bleeding hearts and do-gooders. You’re dead, you half-white.

Lokai: [to the crew] You useless piles of bland flesh…

Forty years and not much has changed.

Scott Lemieux at Lawyers, Guns and Money, in a response (“The Fugitive Slave Act, The Freedman’s Bureau, It’s All the Same…”) to the poster child of wingnut welfare, quotes Justice Stevens’ dissent in Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School Dist. No. 1 (2007):

…There is a cruel irony in The Chief Justice’s reliance on our decision in Brown v. Board of Education, 349 U. S. 294 (1955). The first sentence in the concluding paragraph of his opinion states: “Before Brown, schoolchildren were told where they could and could not go to school based on the color of their skin.” Ante, at 40. This sentence reminds me of Anatole France’s observation: “[T]he majestic equality of the la[w], forbid[s] rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal their bread.”1  The Chief Justice fails to note that it was only black schoolchildren who were so ordered; indeed, the history books do not tell stories of white children struggling to attend black schools.2 In this and other ways, The Chief Justice rewrites the history of one of this Court’s most important decisions…

[emphasis added]

Lemieux adds:

…I know that this will come as a shock to the nation’s conservatives, but if you’re going to claim that racial classifications intended to promote diversity or account for the effects of past discrimination are the precise equivalent of classifications intended to uphold a violent caste system, you really need to at least make an argument. It’s not self-evident…

We are not worthy.

And by the way, thanks for nothing Joe Lieberman.