Obama Kennedy

Exhibition poster for the Barack Obama exhibit at the Kennedy Museum in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany.

As you can see, they love them some Barack Obama in Germany. The exhibition at the Kennedy Museum, titled “Obama in the footsteps of the Kennedys?”, draws a direct parallel between Obama and the iconic John and Robert Kennedy. Personally, I don’t want Obama to follow in the footsteps of JFK, because A) JFK was an overrated president, and B) it’s terrible to think what would happen to the Obama family and to our nation if Obama and/or a family member were to be gunned down in cold blood.

Anyway, I have a regular Internet connection now, so I’m back from a little hiatus and will be posting more frequently. And in case you’re jealous that I’m in Germany and you’re not, just remember that the weather most likely is better where you are at. And you can probably attend the Progressive Blogger Picnic on Saturday, and I can’t.