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Take Wing! – at an entrance to the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine – on Hospital Hill in Kansas City.

Take Wing is a bronze sculpture cast from a small carving made in 1952 by E. Grey Dimond, MD, Provost Emeritus for the Health Sciences, from a piece of driftwood he found on the beach while visiting Carmel, Calif. His daughter, Lark, had the sculpture enlarged and cast in bronze. That sculpture now stands in front of the UMKC School of Medicine encouraging students and alumni to “Take Wing” and soar to new heights in their careers after they leave the school.

“In that first stay at Carmel, I found a small piece of redwood drift and, there on the beach, carved from it a wing, a free-form wing. Forty years later, this carving was cast in bronze, large-size, and placed in front of the medical school. The wing, the memory of the moment of finding the wood, the beauty and free spirit of the location – all these things made me name the piece Take Wing, and hope that it stands there as a symbol of the life I wish for each graduate.” – E. Grey Dimond, MD

From his autobiography, “Take Wing! Interesting Things That Happened On My Way To School”