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Senator Claire McCaskill (D) weighs in on Guantánamo Bay via Twitter:

We will close Gitmo, We must keep America safe & shut down terrorist recruiting tool.We have to plan & do it right, just not as quickly. about 2 hours ago from web

Glenn Greenwald:

Wednesday May 20, 2009 07:04 EDT

Terrorists in Prison: is there anything the Right doesn’t fear?

…Despite all that, we never tire of the specter of the Big, Bad, Villainous, Omnipotent Muslim Terrorist.  They’re back, and now they’re going to wreak havoc on the Homeland — devastate our communities — even as they’re imprisoned in super-max prison facilities.  How utterly irrational is that fear?  For one thing, it’s empirically disproven.  Anyone with the most minimal amount of rationality would look at the fact that we have already convicted numerous alleged high-level Al Qaeda Terrorists in our civilian court system (something we’re now being told can’t be done) — including the cast of villains known as the Blind Shiekh a.k.a. Mastermind of the First World Trade Center Attack, the Shoe Bomber, the Dirty Bomber, the American Taliban, the 20th Hijacker, and many more — and are imprisoning them right now in American prisons located in various communities.  

We’ve been doing that for two decades.  What are all the bad and scary things that have happened as a result?  The answer is:  “nothing.”  Take note, Chris Cillizza and friends:  while it’s true that “not a single prisoner has escaped from Gitmo since it was created,” it’s also true that no Muslim Terrorists have escaped from American prisons and our SuperMax prison “has had no escapes or serious attempts to escape.”  Actually, the only person to even make an escape attempt from a SuperMax is Green Arrow, who hasn’t succeeded despite the help of Joker and Lex Luthor…

Senator McCaskill continues:

I respect John McCain for expertise in holdng & prosecutng military prisoners.He also said he’d close Gitmo durng campaign,but need plan. about 2 hours ago from web

“…but need plan.”

Uh, how about put them in prison? That seems to work for everyone else.

The incomparable Digby:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Break Out

by digby

…Look, this is just one more example of the politics of national security trumping actual national security. Logic says that Guantanamo could be closed today and these prisoners could be brought tomorrow to military brigs around the country if not maximum security prisons we have by the dozens. The rest of the world would see Obama fulfilling his clear and unambiguous promise to close it (a promise he shared with his Republican rival, btw) and would gain tremendous credibility around the world for doing so. But the Republicans have the Democrats running scared on national security again and that’s the end of that.

Let’s not pretend there’s really a “debate” going on here. The Democrats are more scared of Republicans than they are of terrorists or anything else and that’s what’s driving this.

Put them in prisons. [Head smack] Why didn’t I think of that? Oh yeah, right, I did.