I have a couple of problems with Kit Bond’s response to the President’s weekly address this week, not the least of which was the republican’s choice to stick with the fear mongering that has definitely lost it’s punch of late.  The President’s topic in today’s address was consumer protection against abuses by credit card companies.  The republicans come back with fear mongering about prisoners from Guantanamo Bay being transferred to “American communities.”

I don’t know about you, but there is no SuperMax in my community, but we are already holding some pretty damned dangerous terrorists in the one in Florence, CO.  The worst terrorist this country has ever produced, Timothy McVeigh, was held in the SuperMax until he was executed for his crimes, and we still hold his accomplice, Terry Nichols, as well as another infamous right-wing terrorist, Eric Rudolph, in the SuperMax.  

“Whether these terrorists are coming to a prison in Kansas, or a halfway house in Missouri, or any other state — I can tell you this: Americans don’t want these terrorists in their neighborhoods.”

Excuse me, but what?  I haven’t heard a single word about placing terrorists in a “halfway house in Missouri”  and I am pretty sure that even if we bring them to the SuperMax or a military brig or the DB at Leavenworth or anywhere else in this country – I’m pretty confident that I am not going to run into one of them shopping at the Target in Ward Parkway or standing in line at the coffee shop in Westport or at the green grocer in the City Market.  

Do these fear-mongering reichtards not realize that the one thing that this country does better than any other is imprison people?  Seriously.  Nobody does it better.  Even the old Soviet gulags would be red-faced with shame at the stellar success of Americans when it comes to snaring people and getting them in the system and keeping them there.

And one last thing Kitster – not only are Americans not a bunch of weak-kneed, terrified ninnys – but not a single one of the terrorist suspects has been determined to have superpowers. These guys aren’t even on a par with Lex Luthor or The Joker – let alone Brainwave or Magneto, so chill out and let our corrections professionals do what they do so well.