Missouri House passes Fair Tax Amendment through perfection via voice vote. Which means they’ll try passing it on a recorded vote on third reading tomorrow. But basically if the Senate somehow conks their head and passes it, then it makes the ballot and we have a good ol’ fashioned brawl over the topic on November 2th, 2010 as the wealthy fair tax nutters pour their money into this cause so that they can pay fewer taxes.

A few notes about the so-called “Fair” Tax

1) If something has to show up in a trojan horse of a name like the Fair Tax, it’s not fair.

2) Yes, they’re wanting to cut 2/3rds of revenue to Missouri. Which means cuts for education, cuts for health care, cuts for roads, and higher food prices. It’s like TABOR on steroids.

3) Ed Emery must have fallen and hit his head hard to think that Missouri raising prices on food and other items would lead people from other states to come to Missouri. Usually you can’t produce such concentrated foolishness without a permit and plastic gloves.

4) Seriously, if you remove a huge chunk of revenue, you have to cut spending. Since you know a Republican majority wouldn’t pass a new tax to prevent steep cuts. A fair tax is something that dances through the dreams of the maniacs wanting to drown government.

5) I’m no tax or economics expert, but you don’t have to be an expert on animal droppings to know that they stink and you don’t have to be an expert to see the glaring flaws in a “Fair” tax.

6) Missouri’s income tax system could use a remodeling someday. If any group of 82 Representatives and 18 Senators which to face electoral problems for doing such a thing.

7) I have enough confidence in the Senate to hope that the votes to get this through cloture aren’t there. Some would hope that 82 votes for this don’t exist in the House, but I think they’ll do the wrong thing.

I guess when your leadership is from areas that voted for Kenny Hulshof over Jay Nixon, you’re going to get ideas that are like a blindfolded enraged bull swinging an axe in an explosives factory. The ideas are elaborate, bizarre, and just plain bad.