Presented by Representative Jason Kander

The entire list is worth reading, especially for the thoughts on the budget process. But something stood out on his list.

9. There is such a thing as political arson.

I sit on the budget committee with Rep. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg). During committee Rep. Hoskins voted to eliminate the “Meals on Wheels” program. I voted to keep it, but my side lost. When the bill reached the floor of the House, Rep. Hoskins had several amendments to put funding into the program. With each amendment, he got the funding by eliminating the funding for several members of Gov. Nixon’s administration.

Many of the people he attempted to cut just happened to have been supportive of the Governor’s campaign. Hoskins then took credit for saving “Meals on Wheels” and portrayed people like me, who voted against this scheme, as opponents of “Meals on Wheels.”

To me, this is a classic case of burning down the building so that you can rebuild it with the wrong bricks.

Aw, such a harsh critique of the courier pigeon work done by the Gentleman from Johnson to cover the backsides of his fellow members. It takes a pretty powerful two-step to go from eliminating meals on wheels to saving it within a month. But that’s just how the Missouri Republican General Assembly rolls.