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Senator Claire McCaskill’s latest Twitter post on economic issues:

Early meetng this mornng with business leaders in St Louis.TALF,TARP,budget,stimulus, tax policy,mark to market,earmarks,EFCA all discussed. about 9 hours ago from TinyTwitter

Okay, another point where you’d like to be a fly on the wall listening in.

The Employee Free Choice Act? “…business leaders…EFCA…” Wouldn’t you like to know what they said? Was it along the lines of…?:

Obama’s next gauntlet: Reviving the middle class

Posted March 5, 2009 at 10:46 am, in From the News

By Robert L. Borosage

Co-Director Campaign for America’s Future

…The real donnybrook will be in the Senate where it has strong majority support but must overcome efforts by a conservative minority to block the vote with a filibuster. The Chamber of Commerce and various business lobbies have threatened to spend $200 million or more to stop EFCA, which Home Depot’s founder, Bernie Marcus, charges will lead to “the demise of civilization…”

[emphasis added]

Just asking.