Fresh off its failure in Colorado, the Taxpayers Bill of ‘rights’ (that is more of a bill than it is any rights) was herded by Allen Icet through the House and passed on Thursday, by a vote of 82-78. The bill will go to the Senate, where the hopes of the state rest on finding 12 good Senators.

Since there was some crossover let’s take a moment to note the Republicans who crossed the aisle: Jim Guest (termed out), Bob Nance, Darrell Pollock, Maynard Wallace (termed out), and Billy Pat Wright. Of course when you still have 82 of 89 members in lockstep, you win.

The Missouri House finished out final day before Spring Break by passing lots of bills that most members supported (and they adopted the emergency clause for the tractor parade bill, since tractor parade season falls before August 28th). The narrow passage of Zombie-TABOR was the glaring exception to that trend.