Kind of like Burnt Ends. Only blander.

* From Roy Blunt‘s campaign biography: “If the government “created” jobs, then everyone could work for the government.” – Logic FAIL

* Roy Blunt is on Twitter. Get ready for a surge of stories remarking about how Republicans are actually using technology and how this might mean something, despite the fact that Republican politicians are not scared of technology and have been using it for years.

No word on if Blunt’s campaign will be beyond the cutting edge.

* Nixa Alderman Kevin Elmer considering running to replace Roy Blunt. Elmer won his first term 10 months ago, by 3 votes. Elmer claims himself to be very fiscally conservative, along with being socially conservative. He also reports that nobody has called his candidacy “totally crazy.” There’s still time for that to happen.

* “My view is Washington works better when no one has a blank check.” – Roy Blunt in Hannibal. No, he didn’t cite the last four years in Missouri or 2003 to 2007 in Washington to back up that statement.

* Also from Roy Blunt’s bio: “Roy fought for the largest tax cut for working families in the nation’s history.”.. if they pretend the tax cuts in the stimulus didn’t exist, then they can keep saying they passed the biggest tax cut ever.