The House session started at 4pm today. The calendar indicates a lot of procedural readings, but HR193 (the House Ethics rules) is also on the calendar. Insert your own joke here. Also, the Journal will be voted on and Mike Talboy will vote against it (both of which are common enough to not be noteworthy).

But on November 2nd, 2010, there’ll be plenty of open seats due to term limits. So here’s a bit more on the seats we know right now will be open in 2010.

Overall summary:

House: 55 termed out members (36 Republicans, 19 Democrats)

Senate: 10 termed out members (8 Republicans, 2 Democrats)

So, how about an informal quiz on the seats?

(1) Which House District 1 town is not a county seat?

(a) Memphis, (b) Canton, (c) Kahoka, (d) Monticello

(2) Which county has the most House seats opened by term limits?

(a) Jackson, (b) Jasper, (c) St. Charles, (d) St. Louis

(3) How many of the 55 House seats had the incumbent win by less than 10 percentage points in 2008?

(a) 0, (b) 1, (c) 3, (d) 5

(4) Which one of the 55 termed out House member had the closest re-election race in 2008?

(a) Jim Guest, (b) Therese Sander, (c) Rob Schaaf, (d) Charles Schlottach

(5) John McCain won SD34 by under 3,000 votes (a 51/48 margin)

(a) True, (b) False

(6) Which open House Seat did not have a single race end within 10 percentage points from 2002 to 2008?

(a) HD30 (Platte County) (b) HD97 (STL County) (c) HD113 (Jefferson City) (d) HD153 (Southeastern Missouri)

(7) How many roads go directly from Barton to Cedar County (which are connected in Senate District 28)?

(a) Zero, (b) One, (c) Two, (d) Just drive up 71 into Vernon County and turn on 54

You can check out the House district splits by county and community too.

There are some intriguing seats, out there. There are a lot more solid seats though. You can look at the long list as well for seats that might be interesting in 2010.

Then again, there’s still a ton of time until the election (only 21 months!). So consider this trinket-filled quiz on the opened up seats a test in your ability to recognize county seats, guess on close elections, and identify that SD28 is sorta weird looking. There may not be a lot of “random line drawing” districts, as some of the blatant offenders in that regard are not open due to term limits this year.

Oh yeah, the answers are: b, a, b, b, a, b, b

As for #2: St. Louis County has 7 opened seats, Jackson County has 8 opened seats, Jasper County has 2 opened seats, St. Charles County has 2 opened seats.

Some districts will have their elections (in August or November) flavored by the county split. For example, in the only close House race out of the 56, Therese Sander won by 600, carrying Randolph County by 1128, Macon County by 185, and losing Chariton County by 713. In case you haven’t guessed, her opponent was from Chariton County, which cast slightly over 1/4th of the votes.

So this should be an interesting election season (although some of us are probably past the point of being able to notice boring election seasons).

And here’s a giant map to close out. Skyblue is for Dem open seats. Orange is for Republican open seats. Everything else should be easy enough to explain.

All tips and assorted notes on the 2010 elections can be directed to rbhtipline at gmail dot com