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Do you remember this press release from Governor Matt “baby” Blunt’s office back in 2007?:


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Contact: Jessica Robinson

Blunt Official Seeks Investigation into Nixon’s Campaign Contributions from Ameren

JEFFERSON CITY-Ed Martin, Chief of Staff for Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt, today asked the Chairman of the Public Service Commission to investigate political campaign contributions from Ameren UE that were solicited by Attorney General Jay Nixon after he announced a criminal investigation into the utility company.

“I am concerned about Steve Sullivan, general counsel of Ameren, who has behaved in a manner that is sufficiently troubling to me that I feel compelled to notify you and your fellow commissioners,” Martin wrote in a letter to Jeff Davis, Chairman of the Public Service Commission. “To be more exact, I am concerned that Mr. Sullivan has repeatedly acted with questionable integrity with his interactions with Attorney General Jay Nixon.”

In the letter, Martin details a conversation he had with Sullivan on September 11, 2006, during which it was revealed that the Attorney General and/or his campaign was directed to send campaign contributions to certain legislative committees that would be funneled to Nixon’s campaign accounts. Sullivan told the governor’s office that Nixon’s request for campaign funds occurred after he announced a criminal investigation into the company following the Taum Sauk disaster.

The Public Service Commission is considering a request by Ameren to raise utility rates for Missouri consumers. Mr. Martin said he was concerned that the contributions to Nixon during a criminal investigation, Ameren’s attempt to justify their request for a rate increase by adding a $10 million charge related to the Taum Sauk disaster that was later rescinded and Ameren’s unsatisfactory response to storms over the last year should be considered by the Commission as they examine the rate case.

“It is important for Missourians to know what has happened and how Ameren and its top people operate,” Martin wrote. “I strongly urge you to call Mr. Sullivan before you address his actions. He may have plausible explanations; if so, Missourians deserve to hear them. Without explanations, however, I am naturally suspect of any and all Ameren statements or submissions.”

[emphasis added]

And then there’s this:

A 48 hour report (pdf) filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission by the republican Majority Fund showing a $10,0000 contribution from the Ameren UE PAC immediately before the November General Election.

Are we going to hear anything about this particular contribution? Yeah, I thought so. That chirping you’re hearing that is coming from the lame duck’s office in Jefferson City is the sound of crickets.

The Missouri republican party and its inhabitants are seriously irony impaired.

There’s even more irony via the Missouri Ethics Commission:

Detailed Summary of Contributions And Loans Received


Report Date: 12/04/2008

Ameren UE PAC P.O. Box 780 Jefferson City, MO 65102- 10/28/2008 $5,000.00

And the republican candidate for Attorney General?

October 17, 2008

…”Gibbons also takes a minor swipe at Nixon for accepting campaign money from Ameren at the very time he was negotiating with the utility company over reparations for its Taum Sauk reservoir breach. Nixon later returned the money, and Gibbons’ acknowledges sometimes campaign operatives receive donations unknown to the candidates, but, he says, “I simply will tell my people don’t do that, period….”

Detailed Summary of Contributions And Loans Received


Report Date: 10/22/2008

Daniel Cole Saint Louis, MO Ameren 09/30/2008 $500.00

Martin Lyons Saint Louis, MO Ameren Corp 09/30/2008 $500.00

Richard Mark Collinsville, IL Ameren Corp 09/30/2008 $500.00

Michael Moehn Alton, IL Ameren Corp 09/30/2008 $500.00

Charles Naslund Saint Louis, MO Ameren Corp 09/30/2008 $1,000.00

Gary Rainwater Chesterfield, MO Ameren Corp 09/30/2008 $1,000.00

Jeffery Russell Chesterfield, MO Ameren UE 09/22/2008 $150.00

Thomas Voss Eureka, MO Ameren UE 09/30/2008 $1,000.00

Ameren UE PAC PO Box 780 Jefferson City, MO 65102 09/30/2008 $5,000.00

[emphasis added]

Governor Matt “baby” Blunt’s office hasn’t been complaining about this either, has he?