Todd the Invulnerable is comfortably sitting out in West St. Louis County, where breaking 40 percent is a victory for any Democrat, smugly preaching that God is a Republican. Here’s a paragraph from a Thanksgiving mailer Akin just sent to Republican constituents:

Thank you once again for standing with us in our re-election to Congress. Though I’m thankful for our own success, many of us are left with a deep sense of apprehension about the damage America may suffer under President-elect Obama. It’s important for us to recall that God’s ways are higher than our own, and what seems dark now may lead to unexpected blessing. The Pilgrims’ perseverance under suffering led to the founding of a great nation. The second Clinton term led to a Republican House. Let us stand unswervingly on the side of right as God gives us the light to see it. We can do no better.

This paragraph is self-deluding and hilarious on so many levels that I don’t know where to start. He speaks, apparently, in the royal we, but he couldn’t read tea leaves much less God’s will. Was it God’s will for the Republicans to steal the last two presidential elections? Was it God’s will that we start an unnecessary, ruinous war? Torture people? Pollute His creation for the sake of filthy lucre? Ignore the coming global warming crisis (talk about the End Times!)? Loot the economy till it tanks so hard that if Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, and Ernest Angely all laid hands on, for “God’s sake”, they couldn’t bring that baby back? (… But Obama might.)

I’m feeling like a Baptist minister on Sunday morning reeling off a litany of Republican sins. Feel free to add your own, and we’ll end it with the outing Valerie Plame.

Far as I’m concerned, any Catholic who voted for McCain and Akin needs to go to confession. And I hope the priest gives him heavy penance for sheer stupidity.

Photo courtesy of Famous Why