Some stuff floating out there.

1. Ed Martin behind group aiming to limit Missouri statewide office holders to 2 terms. In the last 100 years, the only statewide office holders to serve over 2 terms were Jay Nixon, Roy McKittrick, Forrest Smith, Frank Harris, Charles Becker, Dwight Brown, James Kirkpatrick, Margaret Kelly, and Haskell Holman. So obviously this is a pressing problem (only 4 of those 9 served in the last fifty years). Also, the Kingery compromise of 16 year term limits is a lot like proposing a 100mph speed limit.

2. Kansas City Mayor Saruman is still in the middle of his monthly soap opera. So with the Chiefs winning a game, Gloria and the Mayor are clearly the most embarassing troupe in KCMO.

3. End of straight ticket = people voting for Obama and leaving the rest of their ballot blank. It’s almost like Republicans had some motive to get rid of straight-ticket. Yaknow.